Well I'm a 27yr old gay man, that horse trains for a living, do Native American dancing, and going to college for Web-design. I also in my spare time like to design graphics. I'm engaged to a wonderful man, and trying to stay warm in Michigan. Easier said than done right now. Lol!


The horse show went great! Had a butt load of fun, and we did really good for not showing in a long time. Lol, Go team Copper! (the name of the horse)

Tip on finding a friend or person.


Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with things, due to my land lord who we shared internet with decide to choose dishnet, and mike and I won’t be able to use it. :/ well started off nicely, I did the cardinal in of not making sure my keys were in hand before I locked my house door. I hate Mondays with a passion sometimes, and now I am all set to horse show this coming Sunday. Wish me luck, and I will make sure to take a lot of pictures to post.